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The bald daring look is not something that you can keep forever. You will need to shave your head regularly to maintain that look and feel that you want from a hair-free head. Having a badass bald head can easily be accomplished if you have the right tools to help you with. One of the things that you should never neglect to maintain that bold look is keeping the best razor for bald head to help you with your regular head maintenance routine.

Best Head Razors

Why go bald?

Not everyone feels that going bald is the best thing to do. Some would rather put on a toupee or try every possible hair growth product that they may find available online or in supermarket shelves. Others may go to the extent of having pieces of real hair implanted on their head to regain their natural look. Doing all these will cost so much of your time, energy, and money. In addition to this, your self-esteem will also take a beating every time you get frustrated with the result that falls under your expectation.

It will be a cycle of celebration, denial, and defeat until you finally decide to embrace the unacceptable.

Going bad is not really easy. It takes a lot of guts and determination to accept yourself, foremost, and other’s perception of what you will look after every single piece of hair is removed from your head. But it will be a tremendous boost to your ego once you have finally embraced the change, however.

Just imagine how the once gorgeous looking hunks in the like of Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, and Vin Diesel might have felt when they started seeing their glorious hair-filled head had become. Even though they are actors, they surely would have the same feelings when it comes to how people see them with a balding head.

It might have hurt a lot as well. But it’s the reality that you need to face if you want to be more comfortable doing the things that you usually do when you still have that thinning or receding hairline. If you think of it, there are several advantages of having a fuzz-free hair. One of these is less costly head maintenance. You also won’t need to spend so much time in the salon or doing your hair any time. Once you have accepted that brave new look, you won’t need to worry about what others may be thinking when they look at you as well. (more…)

Best Way to Grow Your Dream Beard

Beards are making a comeback over the last decade so you will easily notice why more and more men are sporting them. You might have tried growing one yourself, but been frustrated that it hasn’t come in fuller and faster as you expect it to be.

Sadly, no secret tonic or formula can make your hair grow thicker or fuller. If you don’t have it in your genes, then your dream beard will not happen. The same way that your hair colour is determined by your DNA, the same thing goes with your facial hair growing patterns and propensities. Stop dreaming that your hair will magically change its colour overnight and neither will your beard suddenly sprout even if you are on your mid 30’s even if you don’t see so much hair on your chin.

Beard Men

But there are a few things that you can do to slightly accelerate the growth of your facial hair and at the same time promote the health of your facial hair to achieve the nice luxurious look you are aiming for. Here are some of them:

  1. Just Be Patient

Just like in our hair, everyone’s facial hair grows in at different ranges, thickness and speed and unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that you can do about it. The good news is that, with a little or a lot of patience, most men can rock the style they want for their facial hair. Depending on the style that you want to go to, say a full beard or a goatee, it might take a month or on some cases, a year. In the end, it is all about patience.

If it is your first time to grow a beard, avoid touching the thing every now and then as it will likely be uneven and itchy for a while but that’s okay. You can deal with it for a while.

  1. Sleep Well, Exercise and Eat Right

The growth of your hair is surprisingly promoted by a few things that relate to a person’s general health and well-being. Most of the hair-growing happens when the cellular turnover is at its peak, in other words, overnight. And if you are not resting or re-charging properly, then your hair won’t grow as well as it should. To put it simply, the less nutrients your body has, the more that you compromised your health and so is the growth of your facial hair.

In addition to getting plenty of zzzz’s, exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet of proteins, veggies, whole grains, fats, etc. will also enhance your hair’s growth rate and health. (more…)

The Facial Hair to Try Now

A lot of men are wishing to grow a beard, but not all are successful and if you can grow any facial hair at all, then lucky for you, because you can wear a bunch of different styles, regardless of genetics and fullness.  Here are some of the best facial hair styles that you can sport right now:

The Weighted Mustache

If you know Henry Cavill, you’d know the style we are talking about. This is the type where the mustache is accented by scruff on all sides but the upper lip is much bushier. To achieve this, just adjust your beard clipper to a lower setting so you can get a scruffy chin and cheeks, then snip the mustache on a longer setting and use a mustache scissors to keep it in check.


The Weighted Beard

This is the opposite of the weighted mustache wherein the chin and cheeks are fuller and the mustache is manicured or trimmed. Lebron James is the one who sports this look perfectly and if you are planning to get the look, you’ll need to trim the beard as it grows to keep it looking sculpted and shapely.

The Dirtbag Mustache

Don on a super-short mustache to achieve this look. Use a detailing best beard trimmer kit to get it done best. This style will require you to make an effort to clean up yourself because the style is visually polarizing if you don’t wear it well.

The sort-of soul patch

No one sports this look better than Zayn Malik does. The slightly weighted soul patch, which is perhaps a few days longer than the rest of his whiskers, making for the subtlest of statements, is what makes him stand out. (more…)

Beard Care Kit Essentials

Keeping your beard looking great can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and the discipline to do so. You may have a full, thick facial hair and can be easily distinguished from the rest who look more like boys, but you may just as well be taken as a hobo or a goon if you won’t take the challenge to keep your beard clean, slick, and smelling great any time. With the best beard care kit essentials, you can do a better job of keeping your facial hair at its best all the time, nonetheless.

Beard Care Kit

From Boys to Men

Some can easily be mistaken as a boy and considered a weakling, less persuasive, or dominant when seated beside another male who is rocking a long, thick, and full beard.

Many men nowadays would rather wear a mustache or grow a full beard to be seen as more masculine. Many feel a lot more rewarded with respect and authority for having such a badass looking facial hair that they would go to such length of buying every possible product to keep them looking like the tough guy.

If you have decided to be one of them, you should never go without one of the best beard care kit as this will keep your facial hair properly managed any time of the day. If you need some recommendations for the best care kit available in the market today, why not head over to this post and see which will work best for you?

Of course, you will need to consider features such as the quality and quantity of the products included in the kit before you even decide which kit to buy. Thus, it is always a good thing to check out product reviews like the one we have provided for you, as it provides sufficient details about the specific beard care kit indicated in their list. You also get to check the link where reviews from previous as well as current users are provided.

There is no need for you to go through the trial and testing phase since this review provides adequate information, including the ingredients that are contained in a certain beard product, such as, let’s say a beard balm. But if you would rather fill a pack with separate beard maintenance products, you need to make sure that your beard kit contains all of those listed below for the proper and efficient care for your facial hair the next time you will need to do so. (more…)

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Most people mistake toenail fungus for toe area fungus. However, toenail fungus is a kind of infection that penetrates through someone’s nail and makes it crack or cuts through the skin. Because our toenails are often damp or warm, the infection makes them change the color get thicker. This is an infection that you can never want to have. In many cases, because of the warmth around the toenails, the fungus grows and multiply and within a short period of time, the toenails can really hurt. According to a research done, the infection is more prevalent to adults over 60 years of age. However, the research also shows that it can easily affect those who have other medical conditions like athletes foot, diabetes and weakened immune system.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

What really causes Toenail fungus?

Most people do not know that toenail fungus is less commonly caused by fungi and yeast. The infection is however caused by a primary group of fungi known as dermatophytes. These fungi are a type of microscopic organism that likes to live in warm places and doesn’t like sunlight. Therefore, in most cases, people whose feet sweat a lot and those who like swimming and forget to wipe their feet completely always have a high chance of getting toenail fungus. Also, since these fungus are very tiny, they easily penetrate through cuts and through small openings in between the nail beds and nails. Toenail fungus mostly affects the toenails than the fingernails as toes are often confined in a moist and warm place. Also, the toes have less blood flow than the fingers, therefore, making your immune system harder to stop the infection. (more…)

Shaver for Bald Head

Anyone who has ever shaved their heads knows that it is not an easy task to do. In order to get comfortable, it needs a lot of experience with the tools been used. Whether you shave your head or because your hair has become thinner, it is with no excuse that you need a proper tool to do the actual shaving in order to embrace your baldness. Choosing the best head shaver for a bald head is important. However, it should be accompanied by the best shaving cream for bald head just to make the work easier.

What Are Some of the Best Tips?

Whether you want to use the best shaver for bald head or just a manual razor, it is always good to have a better idea on the features to consider while buying the various shaver especially the best shavers for bald heads. There are many factors that you should probably consider along with the special features that attract you. Some of these factors include the comfort of the grip, the coverage area, cutting power and versatility. Along with these, you should also consider the need for dry or wet shavers and the maintenance features.

If you prefer a wet shave, it is always advisable to get the best shaver for a bald head that is designed for dry and wet shaving. For easier usage of the best shavers for a bald head, you should be able to look at the maintenance. With some shavers like rotary shavers, the blades and the covers should be removable for easier cleaning and lubrication. Also, with shavers such as foil shavers, the foil cover should be removable to allow easier rinsing and cleaning of the blades underneath. Often, some of these best shavers for bald head contains some other extra features such as LCD  and LED displays used to indicate battery life and for this reason, they should be well maintained and cleaned to increase its service life. Explore all your options and make the best decision. (more…)

Go With the Flow: Period-shaming Yesterday and Today

If you’re grossed out by periods, you might want to skip this post. Or, since menstruation is a perfectly normal biological function, maybe you should read this post and contemplate why it is you’re grossed out by periods.

My schoolmates and I hurried up the gangway of the Lady Baltimore with the loud, obnoxious swagger that is universal to groups of hormonally-charged 13-year-olds. We were almost done with our last year of middle school, many of us were fresh from our bar and bat mitzvahs, and summer was beckoning us. As Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff said in that year’s summer anthem (already on heavy rotation on our local radio station): Every moment frontin and maxin/ Chillin in the car they spent all day waxin/ Leanin to the side but you can’t speed through/Two miles an hour so everybody sees you/There’s an air of love and of happiness/And this is the Fresh Prince’s new definition of summer madness”

Profound, I know. It was 1991.

As I stepped onto the deck of the ship, a faint ache in my abdomen tugged at me. I had noticed the pain earlier in the day as I skipped up the stairs of the State House, along with a slightly wet feeling in my underwear. I figured I was just feeling a little sea-sick after the long boat-ride, and the warm spring sun was making me not-so-fresh. I shrugged off the discomfort and sought out my small group of friends.

About twenty minutes later, I was leaning on the rails of the observation deck, looking out at the Chesapeake Bay, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see my friend Rose with a look of mild distaste and concern on her face. She leaned in and whispered:

“You need to go to the bathroom. You’re…leaking.”

I looked at her quizzically. Leaking? What did she mean? I couldn’t have wet myself…I was in 8th grade, for God’s sake!

“Your period. You got your period. It’s…all over your butt.”

I craned my neck to see what she was talking about. There it was: a large red stain decorated the seat of the new white jeans shorts my grandmother had given me.

My period. I had my period. Like, for real.

I glanced past Rose to discover Jessica Freidman and her group of Jewish American Royalty smirking at me and cackling. Oh, God. This was bad. This was tragic.

Rose followed closely behind to help shield everyone from a view of my bleeding backside as I rushed to the tiny galley bathroom. I closed the door quickly behind me, pulled down my stained white shorts, stripped off my soaked-through underpants and threw them into the garbage after attempting to rinse them off in the bathroom sink to no avail.

I sank down onto the toilet and felt the flow of blood dripping into the water. I was dazed.

My first period wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It was supposed to be like Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret: I was supposed to wake up in the morning, discover blood on the toilet paper, shyly declare my discovery to my mother, who was to take me by the shoulders, look me in the eye and announce “You’re a woman now.” I was supposed to glow with a quiet sense of momentous pride.

I wasn’t feeling proud. I was feeling disgust and shame and betrayal. My body had betrayed me.

There was a knock on the door: Rose had gotten one of the chaperone moms. She poked her head into the bathroom to see me sitting helplessly on the toilet without any pants on. My eyes filled with tears at the sight of her.

“Oh, honey. It’ll be okay. I’ve got a tampon for you.”

A tampon? Oh, God.

I flashed back to 5th grade, when my best friend Dayle and I got a hold of her older sister’s box of Super Plus Tampax and dared each other to try one out, just to see what it was like. The huge, dry cotton cylinder had gotten stuck in my non-menstruating pre-pubescent vaginal canal, and I spent the rest of the night locked in Dayle’s bathroom, panicked and tugging at the unyielding blue string.  Eventually, the tampon came out, but I had vowed to never use such an evil contraption once I started my period.

The mom must have seen the fear in my eyes, because she said “Don’t worry, sweety. You’ll still be a virgin.”

Oh, no. I hadn’t even thought about the de-virginizing factor. But they had already told us in health class that tampons don’t pop your cherry, so I wasn’t overly concerned.

I realized that the tampon was my only option at this point. My soiled panties were at the bottom of a trashcan, and my flow was strong enough to soak through a wad of toilet paper in minutes.

So I took the Playtex from the hand she had stuck into the bathroom and as I unwrapped it, she insisted on bellowing instructions through the cracked door despite my assurances that I knew what I was doing. As I began to insert the tampon, she said “Now when it’s time for you to take it out, just pull on the string and…go with the flow.”

After the tampon had been inserted, I put my stained shorts back on. I washed my hands and opened the bathroom door.

My entire 8th grade class was waiting for me. Every single one of them. A member of the Jewish American Royalty clique began the slow clap. The gradual applause full of contempt and mockery caught on until almost every member of Pikesville Middle School’s graduating class was clapping and hooting and laughing.

“GO WITH THE FLOW!” some of them chanted. “GO WITH THE FLOW!”

Someone gave me a sweatshirt to tie around my waist. Someone escorted me to a table in the deserted galley, far from the rest of the kids. Someone, I think it was my friend Jeannie, sat with me and acted like a security guard every time a kid passed my table to sneer and toss an insult my way.

“Leave her alone,” Jeannie would say. But my humiliation was much too succulent for hormonally-charged 13-year-olds to pass up. They circled me like sharks, darting in every once in a while to take a bite out of my self-esteem. Thank God I only had a month of school left with those monsters.

But every month, for years after that incident, I would feel a mixture of disgust and shame at the sight of my blood on the toilet paper. And then I would feel betrayed by my body.

My Body Wasn’t the Problem

Now, after my body has contributed two boys to this world, I feel betrayed by the culture of shame and taboos that surround menstruation.

I feel bemused that despite having been witness to the birth of both of my children, despite having seen my body at its most vulnerable and its most intimate, my husband still feels embarrassed or somehow emasculated about picking up feminine products from the grocery store.

I feel sickened that someone who considers himself qualified to lead the free world felt it acceptable to imply that a female journalist who asked tough debate questions had “blood coming out of her…wherever”. Because only a hormonally deranged bitch would dare challenge The Donald.


A History of Menstrual Hygiene from Free-bleeding to Flow-Tracking Apps

I have something to confess: I was overly ambitious in thinking I could cover the history of menstrual hygiene in just one post. I’ve had a blast doing the research on this topic and have  some juicy tidbits I want to share with you (hmmm juicy tidbits just doesn’t sound quite right within the context of menstrual history, does it?). 

So this will be a four-part weekly series. The first part will discuss how women from prehistory through Ancient Egypt handled menstrual hygiene. Here we go!

The vagina: portal of life, tunnel of love, channel of feminine power. The fleshy, cave-like canal from the womb has been a source of fear, awe, disgust, lust, and fascination for centuries. And for centuries, humanity has sought to tame it, to cover it, to disguise it, to clean it up, and to plug it.

If you consider the time and money invested toward menstrual hygiene, you’d think it’s one of the great problems we must confront as humanity. More man-(and woman-) hours have been devoted to inventing the perfect feminine hygiene product than to developing sustainable energy sources. More marketing dollars are invested in selling tampons (which is a $2.85 billion market) than in increasing awareness about women’s health issues.

So: just what have we come up with as a species to battle the pervasive (and staining) nature of menstrual blood and other feminine fluids? Here’s how our foremothers have handled their monthlies over the flow of time. (PS, if period puns give you the cramps, you’ll want to close this page now).

Prehistoric cave art of a woman appearing to bleed, found in what is now Algeria

Source: “Femme-gravure” by The original uploader was Culture propagée at French Wikipedia – Transferred from fr.wikipedia to Commons.. Licensed under CC BY 1.0 via Commons – 

Pre-history: The Woman Cave

The human female menstrual cycle is nearly unique in the animal world. Most female mammals have a period of estrus (aka “heat” or “horniness”) shortly after ovulation which makes them sexually responsive, but the luteal phase (aka “messy, drippy time”) after estrus generally involves little to no bleeding. In fact, most mammals re-absorb their uterine lining during a process called “covert menstruation.” Among primates, humans and chimpanzees shed the most amount of endometrial tissue (aka uternine lining, aka menstrual blood) for the longest period of time.

Our primate cousins have a thick thatch of fur surrounding their lady-bits to catch menstrual blood (as do we, but our furry thatches tend to get bush-whacked according to the changing beauty standards of our societies) but it’s fairly uncommon to witness a chimp in full flow. That’s because most female apes who have reached reproductive maturity spend the majority of their adult lives either pregnant or lactating (natural menstrual suppressants), so they don’t get their periods nearly as many times as we do.

Among the Dogon people of Mali (often cited by anthropologists as one of the closest modern examples of a stone-age society), women of child-bearing age have as few as 100 periods in their lifetimes as opposed to the modern Western woman’s average 300-500 times. When she isn’t carrying a baby in her womb or a nursling on her hip, a menstruating Dogon woman can be found free-bleeding in a menstrual hut, cut off from the common areas of her village and only permitted to participate in agricultural work.

But not all prehistoric or pre-technological societies resorted to letting their women drip into the dirt. Feminist cultural theorist Judy Grahn has suggested that the first pieces of clothing invented by prehistoric peoples were menstrual belts with a soft fiber pad to capture menstrual blood. The purpose of the menstrual belts wasn’t to maintain cleanliness, but to collect the blood for use in religious rites. Gives a whole new meaning to “liquid gold,” doesn’t it?

The ancient Babylonian Goddess Ishtar (who was believed to menstruate during the full moon)–this engraving was long assumed to be the Hebrew demon goddess Lilith. In her right hand she’s wielding a symbol of femininity which might be precursor to the Knot of Isis, an Egyptian fertility symbol. Many historians theorize the Knot of Isis (which you can see below) depicted a vagina containing and early form of tampon made of papyrus.or flax.

“Lilith Periodo de Isin Larsa y Babilonia” by Manuel Parada López de Corselas  Licensed under Public Domain via Commons – 


On the Rag: Menstrual Products from Ancient Greece to the Americas

Here’s part 2 of my series on the history of menstrual hygiene. If you want to start from the beginning, you can visit my first post, The History of Menstrual Hygiene From Free-Bleeding to Flow-Tracking Apps.

When we last saw our heroines, they were in Ancient Egypt plugging their cha-chas with tampons made of papyrus. No wonder the Egyptians walked like that.

Now we’ll hitch a chariot to the Greek and Roman Empires to see how our pagan sisters handled their flows.

What Was Happening Under Their Togas? The Women of Antiquity

Ancient Greek and Roman women commonly used discarded cloths to soak up their monthly menses. In Greek, the word for any rag is rakhoi; there’s no word specific to rags used for menstruation. In Latin, pannus menstruus describes a woman’s homemade menstrual cloth.

Let’s talk for a moment about ancient bad-ass Hypatia of Alexandria. As a great scholar of philosophy, astronomy, and mathematics, Hypatia was the Neil deGrasse Tyson of the 5th century (or is Neil deGrasse Tyson the Hypatia of the 21st century?). Young male students fought to attend her lectures not only because her of her beautiful mind, but also because she was easy on the eyes. In fact, one student developed a passionate infatuation with her and, to her annoyance, attempted to court her.

Here’s how it went down, according to legend (with a little interpretive help from yours truly):

Student: Damn, teacher lady! You are soooo fine! Let’s play satyrs and nymphs!

Hypatia: Thanks, but I’ll pass.

Student: Oh, come on. I saw you gaze seductively into my eyes during your lecture on the constellations. Our coupling is written in the stars.

Hypatia: Dude. It’s a public speaking technique. I made eye contact with each student in the amphitheatre. I’m just not that into you.

Student: But I need to see what’s under that toga!

Hypatia: Ok, fine. You want to see what’s under here? Here you go.

Student: What are these? And why are they red? Ermergerds. Are these–?

Hypatia: Yep. Them’s muh period rags. Still want to get up on this?

Student: Um. Ew. Nope. I’ll pass.

Hypatia: That’s what I thought. I’ll go back to being celibate now.

Aaand “scene.”

Let’s just hope that our 21st century Hypatia—er, Neil deGrasse Tyson—doesn’t meet the same end as his 5th century counterpart:

In 415 CE, as tensions between the Roman, Christian, and Jewish residents of Alexandria peaked, an elderly Hypatia found herself seized by an angry mob of Christian fanatics. They accused her of using witchcraft and counseling Orestes, Roman governor of Alexandria, to cut ties with Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria and impose strict limits on Christian and Jewish participation in public ceremonies (none of these accusations were substantiated). The mob dragged her to a church, stripped her naked, and according to 5th century historian Socrates Scholasticus, used pot-shards to flay her alive.


Balding Clippers for Men

Gone are the days when men with bald heads are humiliated as their bare heads used to leave impressions that were associated with undesirable male characteristics. Today, more and more men are going bald, however. Many men have come to realize that going bald is the best hairstyle one can have. Even the famous flaunt their shimmering heads like soldiers that have gone bad. Most women find them quite attractive, too. Either you want to go with the fad or would just like a quick solution for a receding hairline or thinning hair, having the best balding clippers for men is one of the things that you should consider.


Bald is Bold

Things have changed. What was once considered a subject of pity is now taken as attractive, sexy, and strong. Here are just a few examples that you most probably have seen on screen who remained totally awesome even with their shaved scalps — hulking action star Dwayne Johnson, the Fast and Furious superhero Vin Diesel, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Jedi knight Samuel Jackson, and award-winning actor Bruce Willis. They are totally killing it with their looks. These influential men are well-sought even with that bad-ass look. Many women actually fall for them. (more…)