Kabul Street

The vision of Kabul Street is to promote the message of peace in Afghanistan through the expressivity of the arts. The project Make Art Not War wishes to portray a visual representation of the communities’ desire to move from war towards peace. Creating a relationship between people and art, by bringing art to the people, allows for a much-needed psychological shift that opens up people’s minds to new prospects. The use of art opens up space for emotions without affiliation. It stimulates critical thought and helps people understand that war is a commonly shared experience and that only a common effort, coming from within society, can bring about peace in Afghanistan. Kabul Street wants to create a community of like-minded artists and especially of young people, who express theirthoughts, dreams and desires freely and thereby share a common vision for the future. Through Make Art Not War prohibitive walls will be torn down; prejudices and divisions will be laid bare and understanding, tolerance and compassion will be fostered. Social discrimination, a predominant destabilizing factor of Afghan society, has to vanish in order for society to advance. Afghanistan can only grow better if all the Afghan people grow together. Part of the Kabul Street vision is to take Make Art Not War to other places around the world, so that step by step a global peace movement will come about. In the words of a founding member of Kabul Street: Kabul is dark, so no matter how small the light, it will shine.


AIESEC – Youth Leadership

Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC of Afghanistan offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment. What makes AIESEC unique is the youth driven impactful experience that it offers to its members. AIESEC is run by young people for young people, enabling a strong experience to all its stakeholders. Members of AIESEC Afghanistan are enrolled in some of the most competitive universities throughout Kabul as well as all over Afghanistan.

Young Women for Change

Young Women for Change (YWC), founded in April 2011, is an independent non-profit organization consisting of dozens of volunteer women and male advocates across Afghanistan who are committed to empowering Afghan women and improving their lives through social and economical participation, political empowerment, awareness and advocacy. YWC was co-founded by Noorjahan Akbar and Anita Haidary. Members of Young Women for Change are committed to promoting gender equality, empowering women and increasing Afghan women’s social participation.


Sela Foundation

Sela Foundation was founded in 2007 in Kabul Afghanistan by a small and diverse group of individuals from many walks of life which primarily volunteered efforts to work together towards helping destitute people by mitigating the negative force of poverty, promoting well-being of Afghan people and supporting civil institutions to address immediate needs of poor Afghans living across the country. Initially, Sela Foundation’s focus was to help needy and poor families, internal displaced people (IDPs) and returnees by providing food aid, clothing and free medical care. The funds were raised by founding members of SELA Foundation and were directed to the targeted beneficiaries. We work for the poor who live in severe and desperate conditions in object poverty and have no access to basics needs of life such as food, shelter, medical care and education. We identify and design programs that address wide range of issues affecting social well-being of people throughout the country.


Afghan Women’s Network

Afghan Women’s Network is an umbrella organization of around 103 NGO members and 5000 individual members who are committed to support the Afghan women. In order to accomplish our objectives, we act in three major fields: 1. Networking and Coordination: AWN’s Networking Department struggles to develop and maintain contacts and nation-wide connections with a variety of key governmental, non-governmental, international and UN agencies to share experience, coordinate actions, exchange opinions, explore funding opportunities, identify sources of technical expertise, and enlarge the network of women activists and advocates. 2. Advocacy and Lobbying: AWN represents and promotes the needs of the Afghan women in political and social arenas through its Advocacy and Lobbying Department. AWN, as the voice of the Afghan women, pressurizes the leaders of Afghanistan for legislative reforms to protect and promote women’s rights and concerns. 3. Capacity Building: AWN’s Capacity Building Department focuses on building the capacity of Afghan women so that, in the short term, they are able to take active part in alleviating women’s life and play their roles in the rehabilitation of their country and, in the long run, revive the state institutions. AWN provides capacity building opportunities to its members and to the government via the provision of technical assistance, awareness raising, exposure visits/travel, and in-country training programs.

The Center for Contemporary Art of Afghanistan

The Centre for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan (CCAA) is an independent artistic and cultural center established in August 2004 by a number of young artists, with the formal advisory committee by national and international artists, educational and institutional experts. In 2006 has been able to establish the only women art center in Afghanistan. The main goal of CCAA is to provide equal opportunities both for men and women and to provide young artists the changes to express and improve their artistic talents as individual and creative artist and implement new a new way of looking at art in afghan society and to support sustainability and institutionalization of these beliefs in the light of Islamic and national values. Contemporary art in Afghanistan is at the threshold of becoming a nationally recognized and celebrated form of expression, which is why the center offers educational courses and workshops by national and international artists. Our activities through continuous education in all levels will increase the number of individual and creative artists in Afghanistan by improving, developing and elevating the teaching and creative standards in the country and the acceptance of contemporary art in Afghan society.

Other partners to be featured soon…