Toenail Fungus Treatment

Most people mistake toenail fungus for toe area fungus. However, toenail fungus is a kind of infection that penetrates through someone’s nail and makes it crack or cuts through the skin. Because our toenails are often damp or warm, the infection makes them change the color get thicker. This is an infection that you can never want to have. In many cases, because of the warmth around the toenails, the fungus grows and multiply and within a short period of time, the toenails can really hurt. According to a research done, the infection is more prevalent to adults over 60 years of age. However, the research also shows that it can easily affect those who have other medical conditions like athletes foot, diabetes and weakened immune system.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

What really causes Toenail fungus?

Most people do not know that toenail fungus is less commonly caused by fungi and yeast. The infection is however caused by a primary group of fungi known as dermatophytes. These fungi are a type of microscopic organism that likes to live in warm places and doesn’t like sunlight. Therefore, in most cases, people whose feet sweat a lot and those who like swimming and forget to wipe their feet completely always have a high chance of getting toenail fungus. Also, since these fungus are very tiny, they easily penetrate through cuts and through small openings in between the nail beds and nails. Toenail fungus mostly affects the toenails than the fingernails as toes are often confined in a moist and warm place. Also, the toes have less blood flow than the fingers, therefore, making your immune system harder to stop the infection.

What are some of the symptoms of toenail fungus infection?

Usually, the infected toenail gets thicker and sometimes it could get oddly shaped than normal. People who have been affected by the infection say that often the nail easily breaks which makes it even worse since it leaves the skin with some pain. After a while, you can be able to notice that the nail with the fungus becomes yellowish in color and in some cases it leaves the nail with some white dots which later enlarges after a while. When fungus multiplies under your toenail, it loses or even separates the nails from its bed which makes them easier to spread around your skin surrounding the nail.

Treatment for toenail fungus infection

In many cases, toenail fungus infection can look like other conditions that affect your nails including psoriasis. Therefore, you may want to see a doctor to be checked or even a specialist who deals with feet. In some cases, they might scrap off some of the affected areas and check the cause. However, you do not need to worry about all that, toenail treatment depends on how bad the infection has affected your toenails. Although toenail fungus is no joke and the symptoms are unpleasant, there is plenty of treatment to give a try.

To start with, we have Arishine toenail fungus treatment which contains some of the best ingredients used to get rid of fungus, these ingredients include, Chitosan and angelica which are highly used to treat discoloration, brittleness and helps heal cracked nails that lead to shiny and smooth nails. Fungal Nail Antifungal ointment is another treatment that consists of zinc and undecylenic acid which are used to sooth the pain and restores the skin that might have been damaged together with nails and also completely gets rid of fungus faster. Rather than using ointments and polishes, you would also want to try Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil treatment which contains tea tree oil and sea salt which are naturally used to treat fungus and other multiple foot problems. For some reasons, I would recommend people to try a medicated body wash called Remedy Wash Antifungal soap treatment which is excellent in dealing with toenail fungus through the natural ingredients like aloe vera which treats fungus with a pleasant smell and also moisturizes your skin to avoid dryness and cracking.


You can help treat and get rid of toenail fungus by using some of the best and easiest treatments within a short period of time. Regardless of the fungus forming around or inside the nail, it is always clear that this is an infection that can negatively damage your self-image and your personal health. Therefore it is recommendable to pay close attention of your toenails by also using prevention measures like keeping your feet dry.